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A Death Has Occurred

The lossof a loved one can be overwhelming and many people do not know what steps totake when a death occurs. The necessary steps usually depend on the locationand circumstances. It is important that you understand what can be done, and wewant to make sure that you have the necessary information required to makethese important decisions. If you have additional questions; please know thatour personal and professional staff is available to serve you at all times. Weencourage you to contact us should you desire more information.



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Unanticipated death at home or elsewhere

In thesesituations, you should immediately contact 911; police and emergency medicalpersonnel will then determine the appropriate steps to take. Generally, theauthorities can release your loved one directly to our home. In somesituations, however, your loved one may need to be taken to the Coroner'soffice; this occurs when the cause of death may not yet be known.

If death occurs in an institution

Should thedeath occur at a hospital or care home (nursing/convalescent), the medicalstaff should handle all necessary legal steps. You simply need to inform thestaff that Davenport Family Funeral Home is handling arrangements; theinstitution may require you to sign a release form. If the death occurs at ahospital you will need to contact us.

Anticipated death at home

Today,people with terminal illnesses are more comfortable at home under the care ofHospice in the final stages of their illness. In this situation, you shouldinform Hospice that Davenport Family Funeral home is the funeral home of yourchoice. Often, when someone is faced with a terminal illness, the family willdecide to make arrangements in advance, saving them the time and emotionaldecisions needed at the time of death. 

Death out-of-state

Ifthe death occurs out of state, you should call Davenport Family Funeral Home.We will then coordinate the transfer with a local funeral director at the placeof death.

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