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Published: April 18, 2022
by Davenport Family Funeral Homes and Crematory
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Funeral services have been around for years yet, for the most part, a lot of the traditional aspects of them have remained largely the same. While it was much more important to people in years prior to uphold these traditions and ceremonies, now times are a little bit different. More and more people are considering and creating new ways in which the typical funeral service after a loved one passes can accurately represent their unique eccentricities and quirks. When looking for funeral homes in Crystal Lake, IL be sure to call or visit us to discuss what we can do for you!

Celebration of Life 

Celebration of life ceremonies have begun growing rapidly in popularity. Much like a traditional funeral service, with the celebration of life ceremonies, family and friends are encouraged to gather in a selected location in order to mourn and grieve a loss. Unlike traditional funeral services, there are some additions that are acceptable to incorporate into the ceremony. For example, it is not uncommon to find food being served at a celebration of life event. In fact, this food is oftentimes customized to reflect dishes that the deceased loved and cherished in their life. Additionally, music is oftentimes another big component at these types of events, with family and friends even collaborating ahead of time on songs to be played. So, while funerals are fitting for those who are more on the traditional side, celebration of life events are for those who were eccentric components in our lives. And instead of a focus on mourning, the focus is more on celebrating their life, no matter how short or long.

Scattering Ceremony

If your loved one was cremated after death and housing the ashes doesn’t seem to be adding any sense of closure, there are always scattering ceremonies to consider. With these types of ceremonies, a location is picked ahead of time. Oftentimes this location is a meaningful one and one with which the deceased would be pleased. Once the location is all sorted out, family and friends are then free to gather together to say a few words, goodbyes, pieces of scripture, hymns, or anything else they feel appropriate. Depending on the location of your scattering ceremony, it is advised that you follow all necessary regulations and obtain any necessary permits. A lot of people find this option appealing due to its symbolism. With the release of the ashes, families often feel as though they are allowing the deceased to move over to the next phase of their life, whatever that may be.


funeral homes in Crystal Lake, IL

For those who live their lives selflessly, there is no decision more selfless after death than donating one’s body to science. What’s great about this option is that it costs no money and once the doctors and scientists are finished with their studying then they will cremate the body and mail the remains back to you, free of charge. For those looking to make an impact but also save money for their family and friends in the event of their death, this option is a great one to consider.

When looking for funeral homes in Crystal Lake, IL be sure to stop in today and discuss what options could be right for you!

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