No Funeral, No Service

Published: April 25, 2022
by Davenport Family Funeral Homes and Crematory
Cremation services in Crystal Lake, IL

Dealing with the fact that a friend or a loved one who has passed will not be having a funeral service can be difficult. After all, what other ways are there in which we can express our condolences to the grieving family while also processing the loss ourselves? Fortunately, there are numerous different actions that you can take to express your emotions to those that you care about. Read on for some unique ideas to consider and let us know what worked for you. Cremation services in Crystal Lake, IL are available and affordable when you pay us a visit or give us a call to work out the details. Reach out today!

Send Flowers

After losing a loved one and discovering that there will not be a funeral service for them, it can be easy to worry about how you can express your condolences and grief to the immediate family. Fortunately, there are really simple and effective ways in which this can be done. One of the most common actions that people take is sending flowers to the immediate family. While it is absolutely fine to have the flowers delivered to the immediate family, if you were especially close with the deceased then we recommend hand-delivering them. Not only does this show how much the deceased meant to you, but it also assures the family that you are thinking of them and keeping them in mind during their time of need. We suggest adding a personalized card within the floral arrangement for an added touch. Putting together a beautiful floral arrangement does not have to be difficult either. Simply find your closest flower shop and speak to a florist about which options could be right for you!

Take Meals

Oftentimes, after the event of a tragic death in someone’s life, it is not uncommon for self-care and basic needs to become neglected or ignored. If you suspect that the immediate family of the deceased is having an especially tough time dealing with the loss, we suggest considering bringing over meals to their house. Neglecting food is common and typical in those who are in immense pain and grief, so we guarantee that the family will appreciate the thought. Additionally, it could be a more touching gesture if you cook the meals yourself, as it would demonstrate your dedication and effort to ensuring their wellbeing and health during such a tragic moment in your lives.

Cremation services in Crystal Lake, IL

Dedicate a Tree

It is not uncommon to know someone with a green thumb, and if this someone has just passed there are few more fitting ways to honor their life than with a memorial tree. Obtaining a memorial tree is extremely simple as all that is really required is the tree seed itself and the certificate declaring the dedication. Simply select an appropriate location, or final resting place, and plant the tree wherever you see fit. This option is really appealing to many as it allows them a fixed space in which they can visit the deceased and spend time with them whenever they wish.

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