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We have two new facilities and a caring staff to better serve you

Davenport Family Funeral Homes and Davenport Crematory offers many cremation options. We have an on-site crematory unlike other funeral homes or cremation societies, which may rely on off-site crematories and staff for their cremation services. By having our own crematory, the cremation process begins and ends at our facility and is monitored by our certified and caring staff. This means your loved one never leaves our care and provides further assurance to you that the cremation will be completed as you wish.

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Our Worry Free Cremation Promise

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In order that our families may have a high degree of confidence in our cremation services, we have developed this Worry-Free Cremation Process, which your family may take an active part in. 

Five Steps Prior to Cremation

  • Our "wrist identification band" is placed on your loved one at the time we return to the funeral home from your home, hospital or other care facility.
  • Your loved one is logged into our facility logbook and then placed into our secure, climate-controlled, facility.
  • After meeting with your family, your loved one is placed into the alternative container or cremation casket of your choosing.
  • The alternative container or cremation casket is labeled with your loved one’s name and returned to our climate-controlled facility.
  • If you wish, your family may witness the cremation. Our state-of-the-art cremation facility is set up to allow family members to be present when the body is placed into the cremation chamber. In fact, some religious groups include this as part of their funeral custom. If you choose to witness the cremation, we would be honored to make arrangements as a part of our initial arrangements with your family. See the many options for viewing in our Cremation Packages section of our website.

Six Steps During and After Cremation

  • Your loved one is removed from our climate-controlled facility. Our state certified staff verifies the identity of your loved one and that all of the authorization forms and permits are complete and noted in our facility logbook. A numbered identification disc is assigned to your loved one.
  • Your loved one is placed into the cremation chamber with the numbered identification disc and is logged in on the crematory control panel.
  • The authorization forms and permits stay at the control panel during the cremation process.
  • After the cremation is completed, the chamber is opened, the cremated remains are removed and taken to the processing station and allowed to cool. The authorization forms and permits, as well as the numbered identification disc, are placed on the processing station until the processing of the cremated remains is complete.
  • The number on the numbered identification disc, the authorization forms, permits and facility logbook are reviewed and a cremation certificate and label are created.
  • The cremated remains are placed in the urn selected by the family, or a temporary container.
  • Your family will receive all of the recoverable cremated remains: in the event that there is not enough capacity in the cremation urn to accommodate all the remains, the remainder will be placed in a separate receptacle and returned (along with the urn) to your family.

If you are interested in cremation, or information on how to create a meaningful and personalized memorial service, please contact us by clicking here.

Davenport Crematory is licensed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and is registered crematory space with the Comptroller's Office of the State of Illinois. We strive to exceed the requirements set forth in the Illinois Cremation Act. This law went into effect January 1, 1993, and states certain procedures be followed and specific criteria be met for each cremation performed

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